Brooks Field at Wallace Wade Stadium Inaguration – Durham, NC

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The Duke Blue Devils football team had their home opener this past Saturday, an impressive 55-0 victory over Durham rival NC Central University. On the evening before, about 75 guests were treated to a special event at the newly revamped stadium.

We sectioned off a segment of stadium seating with stanchions and blue-devil velvet rope, along with tall spandex blue columns to identify the perimeter. Large cylinders were filled with blue water and adorned with large white “DUKE” letters, then set upon Greek columns to help further define the stadium seating area.

After a brief inauguration ceremony, guests moved down to the field where they had dinner under the new scoreboard just behind the end zone. Tables were dressed in blue pinchwheel linens and topped with creative floral centerpieces. Black spandex-covered cocktail tables helped lend an air of elegance to the event.

It was so much fun setting up this event in the new football stadium, and we are confident the Blue Devils are going to have another fantastic year!

duke_endzone duke_seating_columns duke_cp2

duke_vessel_letters duke_cp1 duke_scoreboard duke_cocktails 


Plumbers Anniversary Dinner – Chattanooga, TN

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The Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 43 125th year anniversary dinner was a gala affair held at the Chattanooga Convention Center. 400 guests were treated to an elegant room dressed in formal-but-fun black and white decor, highlighted by spectacular floral centerpieces that incorporated high-end diamond treatments and soft votives.

This was our first trip to Chattanooga, and we fell in love with this fun and friendly small city. We can’t wait to get back and explore more.

plumbers_room2 plumbers_shooter_rsvd plumbers_table_black2plumbers_bubble plumbers_chandelier plumbers_chandelier2 plumbers_candlesticks plumbers_candlesticks_top plumbers_cocktail1


Superhero Dinner – Charlotte, NC

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In the world of events there are constant changes – budgets are reduced, then increased; attendee numbers fluctuate every other day; it was buffet, now it’s a plated dinner; and on it goes. We know these challenges well, and so do the meeting planners who regularly go above and beyond for our client. And so in recognition of their extraordinary efforts, our client has tasked us with developing a Superhero themed dinner in their honor.

An evening of great food, fun and games was developed specifically for our heroes. Tables were set in a ‘U’ shape, giving credence to the “Meeting League Task Force” communication they received via e-mail the day before. Black house linens held bright red, diamond mesh treated napkins, and were paired with black spandex chair covers with bright red chair sashes.

In tribute to our extraordinary attendees, we developed a series of fun, comic-book inspired table arrangements. Using props, bright popping florals, and a variety of interesting vessels, our designs paid homage to the superhero powers our planners display everyday.

Our fearless attendees were also treated to some fun activities, including a decorate your own superhero mask station and a selfie station with draped background and props. To appease their competitive natures we also provided a giant Connect 4 game, a giant Jenga game, and a Wii gaming system.

This dinner was great fun, and allowed our client and their guests to play Superhero, with us in the role of trusted side kick. We can’t wait to once again be called to action!

Superhero_room Superhero_zap2 Superhero_Pow

Superhero_bang Superhero_Kapow Superhero_CP1 Superhero_zapsmall

Superhero_Zap Superhero_whack superhero_selfie

superhero_props superhero_maskdecor Superhero_Connect4


Bluegrass and Moonshine; Board Dinner – Asheville, NC

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We’re kicking off the weekend with our Bluegrass and Moonshine event, where several dozen guests have gathered at the amazing Omni Grove Park Inn. Our custom designed, distressed board Moonshine bar offers attendees some down home fun for enjoying their favorite beverages. Dining rounds are set in ale colored tafeta linens, and feature unique centerpieces incorporating jugs, washboards, cedar stumps, stills, and musical instruments, along with fresh country flowers.

moonshine_bar moon_still_CP

moonshine_CP1 moonshine_CP2 moonshine_cocktail2 moonshine_cocktail

The next evening was reserved for a more intimate Board dinner, where we dressed dining rounds in deep purple pinchwheel linens. Black spandex chair covers lend an elegance, reinforced with sleek centerpieces that feature unique vessels and stunning florals.

asheville board tables Asheville jumping CP2

Asheville asian lantern  Asheville jumping CP Asheville_CP top  asheville bento

It was great to return to the beautiful mountain oasis of Asheville, one of our favorite locales. We hope to be back soon.


Luau – Raleigh, NC

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Aloha from the Raleigh Marriott City Center, where our client has asked us to throw a Luau for their guests, complete with decor and entertainment.

Our decor starts at the entrance, where guests make their way past lush greenery and under the thatched palapa, through the doors and into the ballroom. Dining rounds are set in tropical colored pintuck linens, and complementary colored napkins are adorned with seashells. Chairs are covered in black spandex, and accented with colorful bands.

luau_entrance luau_room luau_tables2

Centerpieces were created using natural elements of wood and rattan, seashells and tropical flora. Votives placed around the table provided a nice touch of ambient lighting.

To further extend the luau experience, we provided a thatch-roofed bar where guests could order tropical refreshments. Another detail was the strategic lighting which cast silhouettes of palm trees along the walls.

luau_tables luau_tiki2  luau_shell luau_tiki

To entertain our guests, we worked with Elevate to create an authentic Luau show. Our announcer provided guests with the history and culture of the islands, interspersed with lively dance acts.

luau_performers luau_ballerina

We had so much fun bringing this taste of Hawaii to our home town, and nothing gives us greater satisfaction than knowing our client’s guests were left with a fun and memorable experience.


General Session and Casino Dinner – Chicago, IL

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The Windy City’s Hyatt Regency O’Hare hosted our client’s 225 guests for a General Session and Casino themed dinner.

For General Session, we set crescent rounds in white pintuck linens with an orange pintuck runner, and used black spandex chair covers with blue bands. Modern table pieces were created using colored water pearls and silver spheres. Working a tight turn, we then changed out the same room from General Session to the dinner.

For the dinner, tables were set in blue crushed tafetta, with a silver pintuck runner. Creative floral centerpieces consisted of playing cards, poker chips, dice, feathers and fedoras. We also included a poker chip as a detail for a napkin treatment.

This was our first trip to Chicago, and we had a great time working this fun event. We hope to be back again soon.

Chi_gen_session_room Chi_gen_session_room2

Chi_gen_session_CP3 Chi_gen_session_CP1 Chi_Gen_session_CP2

Chi_tables_room Chi_table

Chi_CPa Chi_napkin_and_CP Chi_roses_fedora_CP Chi_roses_cards_CP


Bud Light House of Whatever Party – Las Vegas, NV

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Are you “Up For Whatever”? We were as we helped produce and manage this amazing Bud Light House of Whatever Party at a private mansion in Las Vegas!

We procured a wide range of talent and gaming, including 20 Elvis impersonators, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr impersonators, showgirls, LED hoop and hula hoop performers, and gorilla roulette dealers. We also brought in a vintage Pac Man arcade game, a Pop-a-Shot basketball game, and a casino quality roulette table.

Additional talent at this wild party included Cirque performers, acrobats, dancers, a stilt walker, ribbon performers, a beat box performer, and 2 DJs. As lucky contest winners arrived the party got under way, and our team played an integral role in managing run of show. Working with an expert team of event professionals, we helped assure all talent was in designated places at scheduled times.

This was an amazing experience for us, and we’re still not sure it wasn’t all just some crazy dream. Thank you Bud Light and all of our colleagues for helping make this a fun and unforgettable experience!

Bud_House_sign Bud_Green_Room bud_gorilla_roulette

bud_gold_elvis bud_female_elvis bud_black_elvis Bud_blackandblue_elvis

Bud_mini_Elvis Bud_FrankandSammy Bud_showgirls

Bud_ringperformer Bud_grind Bud_pole_dancer

Bud_cirque Bud_stilts Bud_LEDhoop

Bud_ribbondancer Bud_hulahoop Bud_stage_finale


Reception – Milwaukee, WI

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What an honor it was to showcase our decor for Meetings and Incentives Worldwide Campus Week’s Reception at The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, WI. Their event, themed “Embrace Transformation”, was a gathering of over 400 meeting planners, hotel managers, event designers, and Fortune 100 clients, from all over the world, to talk about how strategically designed events could help transform people and organizations.

Aligning with the “Embrace Transformation” theme, we turned the Grand Ballroom into a set of museum vignettes that showed the transformation of iconic cultural items, including cameras, toys, computers, and music media. To cover the breadth of our floral design capabilities we staged each vignette in different “virtual” locations, and invited guests to tour the museums in different parts of the world.

Mil_reception_sign  Mil_boarding_pass

The entrance to the ballroom was flanked on either side by tables of vintage luggage and billowing florals. Attendees were greeted by our two vintage dressed stewardesses, who gave each guest a custom designed Boarding Pass with details of what they were about to experience. We used the four corners of the ballroom to create our museum vignettes, each backed by black and gold pipe and drape, and containing decorative columns to display items.

Mil_stewardesses  Mil_music_vignette  Mil_camera_vignette  Mil_computer_vignette

Virtually located in England, we showed the transformation of Music Media via displays of a vintage record player with an authentic Edison record, a transistor radio, a walkman, and an iPod. At the center of this vignette we included a 1920’s Jacob Brothers piano with florals spilling out of the top and center. Creative cocktail table arrangements included top hats, white gloves, monacles and teacups, along with old 45 records, 8 track cartridges, cassette tapes, and CDs.

Mil_ipod_walkman  Mil_record_player  Mil_floral_piano

Mil_radio  Mil_teacup  Mil_radio2

Our Camera vignette, located in The Caribbean, included an old Brownie camera, a Single Lens Reflex Camera, a Polaroid camera, and a Digital camera. Tropical floral arrangements included the use of film strips and sat atop aqua covered tables with a coral runner. A large bamboo and ginger piece was developed as a central focus. We also provided a “Selfie Station” where guests could take pictures of themselves against a custom made step and repeat background, which they could immediately email to themselves or post to social media.

Mil_cameras  Mil_slr_camera  Mil_camera_CP

Mil_tiki Mil_camera_bamboo Mil_stepnrepeat Mil_selfie

For Computers, we took our guests to China, and included an old desktop PC, a laptop, and a tablet computer. An old desktop monitor was gutted, and then recreated as a centerpiece with exotic streaming florals. Cocktail arrangements included the use of keyboard keys and a computer mouse, and were placed on our cool metal table tops.

Mil_desktop  Mil_laptop_tablet

Mil_computer_CP Mil_computer_CP2 Mil_monitor 
Our last vignette, located in the US, featured Toys, including a vintage Barbie doll, an Etch-a-Sketch, and a Hand Held Gaming System. As interactive elements, we also provided a Wii system and oversized Connect 4 and Jenga games which the guests played with throughout the reception. Arrangements here included our unique hoop design with attached Legos, and a scrabble board with vases that supported tiles spelling out “Transform”.

Mil_barbie_etch  Mil_gameboy  Mil_wii  Mil_connect4

Mil_scrabble Mil_hoop_legos 

In the center of the room we stanchioned off a a treatment of columns supporting vases that contained silver painted willow branches. Modern twisted metal vessels and vintage luggage were used to create unique buffet table pieces.

Mil_willow  Mil_twistvase 

Mil_foodstation  Mil_foodstation2

As a bonus, Christie addressed the attendees, speaking on decor trends, and the value we bring to our clients and their events. Her well received talk was a highlight of the reception.

We thank Meetings and Incentives Worldwide for this amazing opportunity, and look forward to working with many of the creative event professionals we met during the reception.


Incentive Events, Aruba

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We’re back at the fabulous Ritz Carlton Aruba, host to our client’s 270 top performers, who are enjoying a series of events on The Happy Island.

The Welcome Dinner is poolside, and tables are set in shimmering silver tafetta linens, with a fun and funky multi-colored runner. Unique centerpieces include tropical flora billowing from pieces of cut bamboo, wooden bias bowls, napa vases and clear glass vessels. Natural coral rock, water pearls, lily grass and palm fronds add texture to the creatively designed arrangements. Twine tied napkins complete the look.

voya_pool_cp1 voya_pool_CP4

voya_pool_cp2 voya_pool_CP3 voya_pool_cp5

voya_pool_cp7 voya_pool_cp8 voya_pool_cp6

Next up is a Beach party, and tables are adorned in aqua blue and orange spandex. Centerpieces are created from natural Grapewood, large Seashells, and Cigar Boxes, filled with small white stones, succulents, orchids, and tropical flora. Monstera leaves serve as a base for the arrangements. Chiavari chairs are tied with aqua and orange sashes, and lily grass tied napkins show attention to detail.

voya_beach_tables voya_beach_cigar_2 voya_beach_shell_cp

voya_beach_2 voya_beach_napkin voya_beach_grapewood_close voya_cigar_CP

For the Awards Dinner, we move into the Ballroom, where tables are set in navy blue tafetta linens and feature a silver pintuck runner. Silver charger plates hold diamond mesh tied blue tafetta napkins. Centerpieces alternate between a beautiful box of yellow and white roses with three varying height candlesticks, and a truly unique “Bento Box”, holding roses, orchids, river rock and more in each of it’s compartments.

voya_ballroom_table voya_ballroom_bento1 voya_ballroom_roses voya_ballroom_bento2

voya_ballroom_bento3 voya_ballroom_cocktail voya_ballroom_roses_top voya_ballroom_tables

The final night is reserved for the top 80 VIPs, and tables are set in a burgundy pintuck linen with a mirror table top. Candelabras with orchids and electric votives are centered on the tables, and burgundy napkins are treated with diamond mesh and uniquely folded over a classic patterned silver charger plate.

voya_exec_napkin voya_exec_tables2 voya_exec_tables voya_exec_cocktail

We had a great time creating these four different looks for our client who could not have been happier with the results. We look forward to returning to The Ritz Carlton Aruba in July for another series of client events.


Sales Incentive Dinners – Aruba

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The magnificent Ritz-Carlton, Aruba is the setting for our clients’ sales incentive trip, including two dinners for their 150 top performers.

The welcome dinner was poolside, with highboy cocktail tables covered in blue spandex and topped with small vases holding tropical flora. Dining rounds featured criss-crossed aqua blue silk runners on house white linens, and centerpieces were created using beautiful white lanterns, internally illuminated with electric candles, and accented with small, coral-filled vases displaying tropical flora. Rattan charger plates signified dining positions, and held custom made napkins (yes, we sewed the napkins ourselves!)

cigna_pool_tables cigna_pool_highboys cigna_pool_1lantern

cigna_pool_2lanterns cigna_pool_CP_overhead

cigna_pool_CP_close cigna_pool_1lantern_b cigna_pool_napkin

The farewell dinner was brought inside, but we created a unique ‘natural’ setting by covering dining rounds with a beautiful tan crushed tafetta linen. Aqua blue charger plates ‘popped’ off the linens, and held twine-tied, tan napkins featuring a small piece of driftwood.

Creative centerpieces for this dinner were developed using gnarly grapewood, accented with small succulents and mercury votives.

We had great fun designing and executing these events, and appreciate all the positive feedback we received from attending guests.

cigna_ball_room cigna_ball_table cigna_ball_CP2

cigna_ball_CP1 cigna_ball_smallvases cigna_ball_cp_close

cigna_ball_napkin cigna_ball_CP3


Wedding – Raleigh, NC

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We had the great pleasure to produce florals and decor for a lovely wedding this weekend in downtown Raleigh. The reception for 200 was held at the Sheraton, where we set an elegant party room in champagne, pink and black.

A unique touch to the reception was the inclusion of our Sweetheart shadowbox table for the newlyweds. Filled with white and pink petals on a bed of diamond mesh, the elegant white table also had unique floral treatments, which were echoed on the wedding party tables.

We had so much fun helping make this wonderful couple’s day memorable. With several more weddings already on our 2015 schedule, we look forward to creating amazing florals and decor for these special events.

wedding_SHtable wedding_tables wedding_viewfromSHtable

 wedding_CP1 wedding_CP2 wedding_CP_hoop

  wedding_church wedding_RehDin_vellumvase

Hotel Flowers

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This week’s arrangement’s for North Hills Renaissance Raleigh include unique treatments of orchids, bamboo, and lilly grass, in beautiful designs by Leslie Ivey.

hotel_bubble_C hotel_bubble_b

hotel_bubble_a hotel_gold_vase hotel_bamboo_thn


Fun and Gaming in Las Vegas

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless it’s the incredible final night party of Informatica World 2015, which was too much fun not to share. Working under the flawless direction of Erin Daughenbaugh Productions, our team was responsible for the procurement of a unique set of gaming equipment and trinket giveaways. Additionally, we supplied three beautiful “candy” girls who engaged guests and provided fun photo ops.

Held in the spacious ‘Chelsea Theatre’ at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, our team coordinated with other vendors and hotel staff to quickly turn a General Session ending at 5:30pm to a party starting at 7:30pm. Well planned and executed, the teams made the transition with 30 minutes to spare!

Guests were thrilled with the entertainment options available, including pinball machines, video game cabinets, video game consoles played on big screens, electronic dart machines, foosball tables, pop-a-shot basketball games, ping pong tables, putting greens, a ‘selfie’ photo station, a giant ‘Light Bright’, and an oversized “Operation” game. DJ Cortland Williams kept the music going as guests put their skills to the test.

This fun party was a complete success with guests playfully challenging each other in various gaming contests. We are grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in this remarkable event!

vegas_gen_session vegas_venue vegas_venue2

vegas_operation vegas_golf vegas_girl1 vegas_videogames

vegas_lite_brite vegas_popashot vegas_pingpong_above

vegas_bigscreen_gamers vegas_pacman vegas_darts

vegas_operation_above vegas_girls vegas_dj


Duke Women’s Tennis Event

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Tennis anyone? Cute arrangements for a Duke Women’s Tennis event.


Parties in Paradise – Grand Cayman, Aruba

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We’ve had the good fortune to spend much of the last four weeks in Grand Cayman and Aruba, creating decor for our clients’ events in paradise. Themes have included Carnivale, Under The Sea, and a Nature party, and have featured our custom-designed floral centerpieces, along with linens, napkin treatments and accent decor as needed.

We want to thank our various hosts, including The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa, The Radisson Aruba Resort, and Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino, for their amazing hospitality and collaboration in creating these beautiful and fun events for our clients.

Carnivale – Aruba

Paradise_Carnivale_Aruba_tables Paradise_Carnivale_Aruba_CP1 Paradise_Carnivale_CP_napkin

Paradise_Carnivale_Aruba_CP2 Paradise_Carnivale_Aruba_table Paradise_Carnivale_Aruba_CP3


Welcome Party – Grand Cayman

Paradise_Welc_GC_tables Paradise_Welc_GC_CP_napkin Paradise_welc_GC_CP1  Paradise_welc_GC_tiki Paradise_Welc_GC_tbles2


Garden Deck Party – Aruba

Paradise_Deck_Aruba_tables Paradise_deck_aruba_CP1 Paradise_deck_aruba_table Paradise_deck_aruba_cp2 Paradise_deck_aruba_DJ Paradise_deck_aruba_sign


Under The Sea – Grand Cayman

Paradise_UTS_GC_CP1 Paradise_UTS_GC_tables Paradise_UTS_GC_CP5

  Paradise_UTS_GC_CP2 Paradise_UTS_GC_CP3 Paradise_UTS_GC_CP4  Paradise_UTS_GC_tables_2


Under The Sea – Aruba

Paradies_UTS_Aruba_entrance Paradise_UTS_Aruba_CP1 Paradise_UTS_Aruba_napkin Paradise_UTS_Aruba_CP2 Paradise_UTS_Aruba_CP3


Nature Party – Aruba

Paradise_deck2_aruba_tables Paradise_deck2_aruba_CP1 Paradise_deck2_aruba_CP2 Paradise_deck2_aruba_CP3 Paradise_deck2_aruba_CP4 Paradise_deck2_aruba_CP5 Paradise_deck2_aruba_CP6 Paradise_deck2_aruba_lanterns


Duke Alumni Party – Cameron Indoor Stadium

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What a thrill it was to help create an “after party night club” for Duke Alumni in the hallowed halls of Cameron Indoor Stadium

Collaborating with a team of vendors under the masterful direction of Creative Visions, we helped create modern cocktail table areas, with black spandex and aluminum table caps on 8 sets of three high ball tables.  Centered in each table grouping was a large diamond mesh column, supporting a custom-designed, streamlined floral sculpture

On dining rounds we provided blue and purple petal linens, and unique centerpiece treatments of purple illuminated bubble bowls and hoops, adding a high-tech focal for each table. 

Playing a part in the transformation of this unique space will long remain a special memory and inspiration for us.  Thank you Creative Visions, and all of our collaborating teams, for having us contribute to a truly special event.

duke_afterparty duke_cam_cocktail_area3 duke_cam_CP1

Duke_cam_CP2 Duke_cam_hoop1 duke_cam_cocktail_area

Duke_cam_bubble_bowl duke_cam_cocktail_tables duke_cam_cktl_CPs

Duke_cam_cktl_cp1 duke_cam_cocktail_area2 duke_cam_cocktail_area4

duke_cam_hoop2 duke_cam_party_start duke_cam_party1



Congratulations Duke Blue Devils!

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We have the good fortune to be working a Duke Athletics dinner today. Congratulations to the 2015 National Champion Duke Blue Devils!


Sales Incentive Week – Grand Cayman

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We’re back in the tropics, visiting with the incredibly warm and helpful staff of The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa, as they host our client’s 110 award winning sales members for a week of fun in the sun.

Welcome Event

Our Welcome Event is poolside, with views of an amazing sunset over the Caribbean beach. Our guests find tables in a palate of coral and aqua, with matching sashes tied to every other chair. Silk napkins are gently tied with seashells, a perfect detail for this seaside setting.

Centered on each table, amazing tropical floral arrangements command attention, with tall halyconia, birds of paradise, ginger and pincushions creatively placed together in artful designs.

For entertainment, a clear sphere perfomer (from Elevate) tumbles atop the pool, while just behind her a steel drum band helps welcome you to your week in paradise.

GC_welcome_tables2  GC_welcome_CPview  GC_Welcome_CP3 

 GC_Welcome_CP2  GC_Welcome_tables  GC_Welcome_napkin1

GC_Welcome_CP_tiki  GC_Welcome_Sphere  GC_Welcome_Steel_drums


Under The Sea Awards Dinner

For our client’s Awards Dinner, we move inside to the spacious ballroom, and transform it to take our guests “Under The Sea.”

Tables are draped in navy blue crushed taffeta linens, striped with petal leaf runners, and dotted with coral pink napkins holding colorful starfish treatments. Black chair covers lend a drop of elegance to the deep sea theme.

Centerpieces are custom designed and incorporate sea branches and conch shells, adorned with carefully chosen tropical “sea” florals. Blue LED lights provide a touch of illumination to each piece.

A final decor element is three giant LED lit jellyfish, suspended from the ceiling. Gentle tentacles drop down to guest level, providing a cool photo op and conversation piece.

GC_Sea_table  GC_sea_cp4  GC_sea_CP5

GC_sea_CP_close  GC_sea_CP_tall_jelly  GC_sea_jellyfish1  GC_sea_napkin

Farewell Party – Pirate Theme

For our client’s farewell party, we hit the beach for a perfect Pirate themed lobster bake. A crated entrance is complemented with red draping, wooden barrels, oil lanterns, ropes and a ship’s wheel.

Just steps from the entrance is the bar, decorated in concert with the entrance, and featuring a Jolly Roger across it’s front.

Dining rounds are covered in gold, with bright red runners. Black chair covers are also striped with red chair bands, and red napkins feature a unique pirate eye patch treatment.

Table centerpieces include treasure chests spilling with coins, pearls, maps, goblets, and tropical flora. A second design uses stacks of gold bullions as its focal.

Themed entertainment includes a limbo dance competition, a fire performer, and a funky reggae pop band that had guests dancing on the sand until party’s end.

GC_pirate_entrance  GC_pirate_tables  GC_pirate_bar

GC_pirate_barrel_wheel  GC_pirate_cp_sunset  GC_pirate_CP_lit

GC_pirate_cp4  GC_pirate_napkin  GC_pirate_firebreather


This was our first time in Grand Cayman, but we have the good fortune to return this month for another series of events. We look forward to once again visiting with the wonderful staff of The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa.


Corporate Party, British Invasion – RDU Airport

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The RDU General Aviation Terminal hosts our client’s cracking British Invasion themed corporate party, a smashing time for our client’s guests.

Entering the terminal on a red carpet, there, hanging from the upstairs banisters, are a series of Union Jacks, which set the tone for the invasion. At the top of the stairs, tables are set in navy blue taffeta linens, with sharp white pintuck runners. Brilliant red napkins are bound with more Union Jacks, and bright white chair covers are striped with red chair bands.

Table centerpieces keep the theme going with top hats, English tea, white gloves, cigar boxes, monacles, Union Jack wrapped votives, and creatively presented florals in red, white, and blue.

For fun, we partnered with Elevate Entertainment to have Austin Powers and go-go dancers interact with guests. We also had an iPad Selfie Station set up for guests to take pictures with the entertainers.

The party was the bees knees, and a jolly good time was had by all. We’re glad we got to help make it memorable.

Until next time, cheers!




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  British_Inv_Austin_dancers  British_Inv_selfie_station


Corporate Incentive Dinner – Cancun

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Hola from the spectacular Live Aqua Cancun, who, along with their friendly and helpful staff, plays host to our client’s top performers for this incentive trip, highlighted by a dinner for 70 on the soft white sands of the Mexican beach.

Approaching the shore from the hotel, you descend stairs flanked with unique tropical floral arrangements. At the bottom of the stairs, two more arrangements featuring colorful salamanders welcome you to the beach.

Cancun stair piece right  Cancun stair piece left  Cancun beach entrance 2  Cancun beach entrance 1

Viewing the dining area, you notice the chairs covered in crisp black spandex, with alternating ones having a turquoise sash, adding pops of Caribbean color. A touch more elegance to this naturally beautiful setting are the silver crushed taffeta linens, that serve as a foundation on the tables. Fine rosette runners and silk napkins provide more patches of turquoise, matching the color of the warm waters breaking just a few yards away.

Cancun beach setting 1  Cancun table setting 3  Cancun hoops CP 

As you take your seat, you note the detail of a seashell gently twine tied to your napkin. But the real beauty is in the center of the table, where our centerpieces command attention. Two different arrangements adorn tables; one featuring a lush array of tropical flora in an aqua fabric covered vessel, and the other a new variation of our hoop design, with cala lilies that cascade left and right to form a floral ‘wave’.

Cancun napkin  Cancun Tropical CP  Cancun hoop CP  Cancun table setting

We had a wonderful time working on this event, and thank our client and the wonderful staff at Live AQUA. Gracias and esperamos verte pronto!


Global Sales Meeting, Farewell Gala – Orlando, FL

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We return to the Hyatt Regency Orlando to help produce a series of events tied to our client’s Global Sales Meeting, the second successive week at this fabulous venue. While including a Welcome Party and Vendor Expo, particular focus was placed on the Farewell Gala, which needed to be a showstopper for our 340 guests.

Working with the incredible team at AV Matters, we created a cool, colorful, upbeat party that guests didn’t want to leave. The primary focus of the room was the illuminated acrylic tables, which emit specific colors on demand. Paired with “ghost” chairs, the environment was modern and fun, and set the tone for the lively party to follow.

Centerpieces were created to complement the tables using acrylic trays and vases as vessels. Our silver painted willow was paired with crystals and orchids in one, and our contemporary hoop with calla lilies and silver spheres was another.

AV Matters provided additional lighting, including around-the-room uplighting, spot lights for our hanging crystal drape and chandeliers, and roving filter lights, to further enhance the space and experience.

A large dance floor was set in front of a stage, which featured a smokin’ hot 8 piece band that kept guests moving for hours. Dancing the night away as beautifully colored lights shone from every direction was described by one smiling guest as “a fantastic treat” – we take that as high praise!

av matters pink room  av matters gala white room  av matters blue room  av matters gala red room

av matters gala 5  av matters gala 8  av matters gala 3

av matters gala 2  av matters gala 6  av matters gala 10  av matters gala 1


Sales Recognition and Education Sessions – Orlando, FL

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The magnificent Hyatt Regency in Orlando, FL is our setting for a week of exciting Sales Recognition and Education events.

Super Bowl Party

The Patriots and Seahawks put on a game for the ages, and our party in the expansive Windermere ballroom was the perfect spot for taking it all in. A ‘gaming’ theme was created to provide fun and entertainment for the 1,700+ guests in attendance.

The centerpiece of the room was our custom built 24 foot square bar, where guests could get cocktails and stand around referee-striped highboy cocktail tables. Attendees could watch the game up close on either of the opposite facing flat screen TVs perched above the center of the bar, or could find any of the many seating options available to them and watch the game on the big screens placed at opposite ends of the room.

bar 24 feet  referee striped tables  super bowl party room
Seating options included a variety of soft seating, including a number of leather recliners, rattan love seats and chairs, and other lounge sets. Tall bar stools surrounded highboy cocktail tables, and camping bag chairs provided a tail-gate like atmosphere at opposite ends of the ballroom.

lounge furniture  recliner  super bowl sofa

Dinner rounds, with standard banquet chairs for eating, were mixed with small cocktail tables, for when more intimate discussions were desired. Tables were draped in navy blue taffeta linens, representing the base colors of each of the competing football teams, and black chair covers allowed chair sashes of green and red team accent colors to pop, which were coordinated with matching pintuck runners.

Centerpieces included unique displays of classic board games like Monopoly, Battleship, Yahtzee, and others. On some tables, gerber daisies poked out from popcorn boxes, placed on astroturf squares. Other tables featured a black square filled with game field sod, and a Super Bowl XLIX pennant.

football CP  monopoly  chess CP
yahtzee  toss across  gerber popcorn
Guests who weren’t into the big game could walk out into the entry hallway and participate in a number of games themselves, which included a huge inflatable football toss, a foosball table, an air hockey table, a ping pong table, a pool table, a giant Jenga game and an oversized Connect 4 game. A DJ in the outside area kept guests moving as they played the night away.

football toss  super bowl rattan  super bowl party space

Super Bowl XLIX was an amazing game, and our event décor and entertainment options treated guests to an equally amazing start to their week.   

Awards Night Dinner

The following night was our client’s awards night dinner, and we had some fantastic décor and entertainment in store for their top performing sales people. We took the party space, which were the wide hallways surrounding the Regency Ballroom, and divided them into three colored sections of amethyst lavender, sapphire blue and ruby red, reinforced by florals, linens, and performers.

As guests exited the awards presentation in the Regency Ballroom, they entered the amethyst area, and were greeted by a Poi spinner. This unique entertainer, wearing a color coordinated shirt, waved LED wands displaying specific branded logos and relevant phrases tied to the week’s events. Spinning and twirling, the performer provided the first “wow” as guests entered the party area, which featured beautiful table centerpieces of lavender roses, orchids and other florals.

purple CP  purple CP 2  awards night enter  Poi spinner

A live DJ was next, and music drew the guests further into the party space, where they encountered the sapphire blue area. Tables dressed in blue pintuck and pinchwheel linens were topped with unique centerpieces featuring white calla lilies, roses and other florals. An amazing aerialist, suspended 12 feet above the ground, invited guests to have a glass of wine, which she poured for them while hanging upside down. This incredible attraction fascinated guests, and was the centerpiece of the party.

sapphire banquet pieces  sapphire CPS 2  sapphire CPs  Aerialst

Moving along, guests were invited to enter the ruby red area by our living red carpet lady. Standing 8 feet tall and dressed entirely in red, her dress flowed into a welcoming red carpet, making these top performers feel like true VIPs. Centerpieces in this area featured large groupings of red roses in unique vessels. And as a final treat, guests who made their way to the end of this area could sit and listen to an acoustic guitar player who knew over 1,000 songs and played many requests.

red carpet lady  red carpet

Filled with unique sights and sounds, this was an event that had guests taking lots of pictures, and which left them with some amazing memories.

Study Halls

On Tuesday, our attendees were in education sessions held in multiple work rooms near the ballroom spaces. As an added benefit, our client had us set up some relaxing spaces where guests could sit and study, review and quietly discuss the materials on which they were being educated. Held in the same hallways as the Awards night dinner, we again divided the space into three themed sections – Asian Zen, Desert Oasis, and Shangri La.

For Asian Zen, we created two unique centerpiece designs, one featuring a Japanese lantern with bamboo and calla lilies protruding from the top, and the other using a “swimming lane” vase which held black river rock and floating orchids.

asian swimming lane 2  asian swimming lane  asian jap lantern

The Desert Oasis space also held two serene centerpiece creations, one being a unique rock garden in a small bubble bowl, and the other a beautiful arrangement of florals surrounding dried grapewood.

desert rock garden  desert grapewood 2  desert grapewood

Last but not least, our Shangri La area had centerpieces that featured burgundy and yellow florals, that in some cases protruded from small brass bowls, or out of Japanese lanterns wrapped at the base with pashminas, or mixed with colored lanterns.

shangri la brass waterfall  shangri la pashmina lantern  shangri la colored lanterns
These spaces provided the perfect setting for small groups to sit and discuss their educational materials, and prepare for the challenges that lay ahead of them.

All three of these events were extremely well received by attendees and our client, as well as the phenomenal staff of the Hyatt Regency. Luckily for us we get to return to this amazing venue next week for another series of events. We cannot wait!

Sales Recognition Events – Aruba

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We return to the beautiful Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino for a series of Sales Recognition Events, bringing unique ideas designed to specifically fit the planned environments.


Welcome Dinner

Set out on the garden deck, tonight’s dinner is for 130 of our client’s top worldwide sales leaders. As guests step outside just minutes before sunset, they are greeted by six tiki torch bearers, a VIP welcome to tonight’s festivities. A cocktail lounge is set with highboys draped in white spandex, and topped with small lantern decorative pieces. Splashes of orange and purple, tonight’s Aruban evening color scheme, are hinted at in the form of highboy table sashes.

As guests move from the cocktail area, they find the wooden deck tucked neatly into tropical gardens, just steps from the Caribbean sea. A mix of dinner rounds and rectangular tables, set with designer wooden chairs, provide a lively flow to the deck.

All tables are center-striped with purple or orange rosette runners, and the rounds feature a natural burlap linen. Alternating purple and orange napkins are gently twine tied, adding another detail.

Centerpieces are created using natural driftwood and rattan charger plate foundations, and feature a variety of tropical flora. Votives and natural seashells complete each piece.

Additional votives line the rear of the deck along the tree line to define the space with soft illumination.

A lounge area featuring beautiful wicker chairs, a loveseat, and table, is set amidst glowing planters and provides a perfect area for relaxing while listening to the steel drum player gently welcome you to paradise.

aruba welcome torch bearers  aruba welcome cocktail lantern  aruba welcome cocktail area

aruba welcome deck 2  aruba welcome deck  aruba welcome tables 2

aruba welcome CP 3  aruba welcome round table  aruba welcome furniture

aruba welcome CP 2  aruba welcome tables  aruba welcome CP 1


Breakfast Meeting

The next morning, our guests are served breakfast in the ballroom. The doors are flanked with giant, inflated tusks which illuminate green, our signature color for our new day’s event.

When entering the ballroom, guests find their seats at any of the mirrored rectangular, or green tafeta adorned round tables. White chiavari chairs with soft padding, provide a touch of comfortable elegance.

Each setting is indicated with a beautiful rattan charger plate draped with a forest green napkin. Centerpieces comprise various glass vases filled with water, fruits and tropical flora. A lovely way to begin your day in paradise.

aruba breakfast tusk doors  aruba breakfast tusk entrance  aruba breakfast room

aruba breakfast cp table set  aruba breakfast table  aruba breakfast place setting

aruba breakfast CP  aruba breakfast table above


Awards Dinner

Our awards dinner also takes place in the ballroom, but we completely transformed it into a bedazzling space fit for VIP winners. Walls were draped from ceiling to floor in white satin, and then cool blue uplighting was cast to provide a glow of the entire space. Round tables were dressed in white pintuck linens, and custom-made round mirrors were placed on top. The tables were encircled with clear “ghost” chairs, and were underlit to provide an additional soft glow throughout the room.

Settings were marked with aqua blue charger plates holding aqua blue satin napkins tied gently with diamond mesh. Centerpieces included towering silver willow, draped in orchids and crystals, silver candlesticks, and our floating hoop with cala lilies.

An additional touch was added to the ceiling of the ballroom, as we hung crystal draping and chandeliers from the exposed wooden beams – an awesome detail that received many favorable comments from guests.

aruba awards tables  aruba awards table  aruba awards place setting

aruba awards candlesticks CP  aruba awards napkin  aruba awards willow CP

aruba awards chandelier  aruba awards ceiling drape

Farewell Dinner – Carnivale

For our Farewell Dinner, we move out to the lower pool deck, where we find a cocktail area with black spandex covered highboys, and tropical flora flowing from unique hourglass vases. Moving through the space you take note of the colorful pink, blue and green palm tree wrappings, while others are draped in twinkling lights.

The main dining area is poolside and contains black spandex covered rounds topped with festive colored sequined overlays. Centerpieces are celebrations, containing masks, feathered boas, strings of beads, and tropical flora. Yellow, orange, pink, green, and purple napkins dot the space, which is colorfully uplit along the perimeter.

Soft votives line the pool edge, and define the stage for the amazing band that provides tonight’s entertainment.

aruba fareweel cocktail CP  aruba farewell cocktail area  aruba farewell CP and trees

aruba farewell tables  aruba farewell CP 5  aruba fareweel CP 4

aruba farewell place setting  aruba farewell CP 3  aruba farewell CP 1

aruba farewell CP 2  aruba farewell votives  aruba farewell CP and band


We can’t thank enough the wonderfully pleasant and helpful staff of the Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino, and we look forward to collaborating on more amazing events with them soon. 




Global Sales Kickoff – Montgomery, TX

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Houston, we have a pr…etty spectacular set of events for you!

OK, technically it’s Montgomery, TX, at the fabulous La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa, but the events there for our client’s Global Sales Kickoff were out of this world. Themed “I AM”, our series of events were held in various ballrooms throughout the conference center, and included a tremendous number of details, all tied together to create an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Upon registering at the conference center, the first thing guests encountered were oversized three-dimensional letters tied to the week’s theme. These created terrific photo opportunities throughout the week, and a second set of letters were used on the stage to reinforce the theme throughout the week.

I am letters 3  I am letters 4  I am letters 1

 The Welcome Dinner

350 guests were in attendance for Monday night’s Welcome Dinner, and all were ready to “paint the town”, with an array of paint themed décor and entertainment prepared for the evening. White house linens, splashed with colorful rosette runners, served as the canvas for creative centerpieces that included: customized paint cans with paint-dipped carnations and large paint brushes; trays laden with paint chips, fine art brushes, small paint tubes, and LED lights; and hand painted canvases set upon small acrylic easels. Black chair covers provided a touch of elegance to the room.

For entertainment, six local caricaturists were stationed throughout the room, and attendees were encouraged to get their very own caricature made. Our artists engaged guests and a gallery of fun portraits were created.

And then the headliner took the stage – world-renowned speed painter Dan Dunn performed live, creating three amazing portraits, the first of the iconic ‘Marlboro Man’, then a spectacular rendition of John Lennon, and for his finale, a one-of-a-kind, customized painting specific to our client. Attendees responded with a standing ovation, and delighted in meeting Dan as he stayed around to talk with guests throughout the evening.

This was an amazing start to the week, but things were only going to get better.

paint box CP 2  I am paint can CP  I am canvas CP


caricature 3  caricature 1  caricature 2


speed painter 1  speed painter 2  speed painter 3

General Session

The General Session, held in the same room as the Welcome Dinner the following morning, required an overnight flip of the room, replacing dinner round tables with standard 6 foot classroom style tables. In a room this large, we decided it would be more visually appealing to create alternating sections of black and white tables and chairs. The center section had tables of black spandex with white chair covers, while each of the two outside sections had tables of white spandex with black chair covers. The look was striking, and gave what could have been a monotonous scheme some variety and life.

Magnetic acrylic frames held customized placards with words such as ‘Ambitious”, “Confidence”, “Professional”, etc, and were scattered throughout the room to provide spots of colorful inspiration.

gen session room gen session placard

Geo Dinner Parties

Tuesday evening featured three separate parties, one for each of the geographies represented (Americas, EMIA, and APAC). A considerable challenge for these parties was that we couldn’t begin setting the rooms until 1pm, making planning and flawless execution critical to their success. But these are areas at which we excel, and all three parties went off without a hitch (we even accommodated a last minute request for the EMIA party to “drop the ceiling” of the room – more on that in a bit).

Each party had it’s own theme and set of giveaways and entertainment, leaving guests to light-heartedly debate throughout the night whose event was best.

The Americas party was a Great Gatsby theme, and “roaring twenties girls” greeted guests at an entrance that was pipe and draped in silver satin, with a welcoming red carpet. The room was set with silver pintuck linens, silver and black patterned runners, black chair covers and a silver chair sash. Two different centerpieces were created, the first utilizing tall white vases with LED lights and ostrich feathers protruding from the top, and the second featuring a tall black vase with silver painted willow, adorned with orchids and crystals. Black napkins with pearl treatments completed the table decor.

For giveaways, attendees were provided with fedoras and long pearl necklaces, and entertainment consisted of a live four-piece band and a DJ. Additionally, two poker tables with professional dealers kept guests competitively engaged. 

gatsby room  feather CP  gatsby giveaways


gatsby girls entrance  gatsby entrance  gatsby dance fun


gatsby poker players  gatsby poker player  gatsby guests


The EMIA party was a VIP Members Only theme, where guests entered on a red carpet through black and white drape. A “security bouncer” and “gold girls” invited attendees into the room, which featured black pintuck linens and unique white napkins with black bow tie treatments. Black chair covers with gold silky bows gave the room a touch of elegance.

The ceiling in this ballroom was 25 feet tall, and the client expressed concern that the room was too tall. Fortunately, we had some beautiful crystal ceiling drapes on hand, and negotiated with the hotel to have them hung while we worked on setting the room. This was a last minute addition to accommodate a client request, and it reduced the height of the room, providing a visually striking element that fit perfectly with the theme.

Centerpieces consisted of red roses in beds of silver and gold frames, with candlesticks and chandeliers holding soft illuminated votives.

Top hats, sunglasses and feather boas were giveaways, and a photo booth with fun props was set up in the room for guests to take and receive an immediate set of pictures of themselves. A live band and DJ made sure attendees kept the dance floor packed at this ‘exclusive’ party.

vip room  vip table  vip CP

gold girls vip entrance  vip guests  vip photo booth  vip dance fun

The APAC party was a Theatre of Champions Sports and Gaming theme, and included a football goal post entrance, where cheerleaders and a referee invited guests into the room on an astroturf carpet. Sports themed centerpieces sat atop astroturf runners, and featured unique displays of footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, and more. Additionally, a set of real bleachers was set up along the far wall providing a true sporting event feel.

White chair covers with black chair sashes complimented the black house linens and white napkins. Giveaways included foam hands, golf gloves, baseball caps, and sweatbands. For entertainment, guests danced to a live band and DJ, and also played the myriad of games strewn about the room, including a golf driving simulator, a foosball table, a giant Jenga game, an oversized Connect 4 game, and two Wii gaming stations. Guests at this party wore various sporting attire by teams, adding to the fun.

cheerleader sports entrance  ref sports entrance  sports entrance fun

sports room  basketball CP  tennis ball CP  sports giveaways


golf simulator  foosball  connect 4


sports team entrance  sports dance fun

Final Night Dinner

For the final night’s dinner, we worked with the client to develop an eye-catching room decked out in their corporate colors of royal blue and white. White house linens were topped with alternating blue silk and rosette runners, and white chair covers were splashed with a blue chair sash. Blue napkins were pocket folded to hold the evening’s agenda card.

The entertainment for the evening was the attendees themselves, as individuals and groups were invited to perform song and dance routines. Given this, we created a unique set of music themed centerpieces that included: silver painted record albums over drumsticks set on a shallow black box and adorned with orchids; a black microphone rising from a bed of roses on a gold charger plate; and vases filled with blue water bubbles and drumsticks.

Talent table  Talent record CP  talent vase CP  talent napkin and roses CP

All of the week’s events were incredibly well received by our client and attendees, resulting in an amazing experience with lasting memories. We’d like to thank the friendly and helpful staff of La Torretta, and Wilson Parish photography for providing professional images of our work.


Happy New Year!

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We are hitting the ground running in 2015, with January events in Houston, TX, Durham, NC, and Aruba. We won’t slow up in February either, with two different client events in Orlando, FL, and another one in Aruba.

We have the good fortune to once again be working with the amazing team at De Palm Tours Aruba, who we collaborated with back in November for an amazing celebration at Ayo Rock. Check out the video they put together for that event:

Here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy, fun and prosperous 2015!

Best of 2014

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What a year 2014 has been for us, expanding both our client base and vendor network, and executing events in some amazing destinations. Oh, and we also found time to get married in November!

This year we had the good fortune to help create spectacular events in: Las Vegas, NV; San Antonio, TX; Farmington, PA; Lincolnville, ME; New Orleans, LA; Colorado Springs, CO; Nashville, TN; Costa Rica; Dominican Republic and Aruba (twice). We also helped produce a number of fun events for local clients here in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC.

We are proud of our accomplishments this year, and look forward to an even better 2015, with events already planned for Houston, TX, Orlando, FL, Boca Raton, FL, Grand Cayman, and more in Aruba (we’ll be making a big announcement re: Aruba just after the new year, stay tuned).

We give so much thanks to our clients, vendors, friends and family, all who make what we do possible. Thank you to all who have shown your support, wished us well, and encouraged our success.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

shipwreck tiki cp diner view  AOM 2014 Aruba Nov Villa  AOM 2014 Aruba Nov Ayo  AOM 2014 Aruba May



AOM 2014 Las Vegas  AOM 2014 Las Vegas CP 

Las Vegas, NV


CR Colors diner view  CR Colors garden party 2  CR Colors table setting

Costa Rica


AOM 2014 New Orleans  Lamp_sign_room  record_player  cymbal_stick_piece

New Orleans, LA


AOM 2104 Dominican Republic  AOM 2014 Dom Rep  Dom Rep cocktail

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


AOM 2014 Rockland ME 2  AOM 2014 Rockland ME  rose_vase_CP  circle_tray_CP

Lincolnville, ME


AOM 2014 Colorado Springs 2  AOM 2014 Colorado Springs  CO barrel wheel

Colorado Springs, CO


AOM 2014 San Antonio Sombrero  AOM 2014 San Antonio  San Antonio Napa CP

San Antonio, TX


AOM 2014 Nashville  Nashville black lantern  Nashville cocktail 2  Nashville Room

Nashville, TN


AOM 2014 Farmington PA 2  AOM 2014 Farmington PA

Farmington, PA


AOM 2014 Duke Feb  AOM 2014 Duke Room Aug  AOM 2014 Duke Durham

AOM 2014 Wedding Centerpiece  AOM 2014 RTP  Progress SW hoop  AOM 2014 Candyland cupcake

Raleigh/Durham Events


Candyland and Holiday Parties – Durham, RTP, NC

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We’ve been keeping busy this holiday season, making lists and checking them twice, to maximize inventory in producing creative, fun and affordable events for local clients.

For the first party, a department celebration, we worked with our client to customize a Candyland theme. Silver pintuck linens with colorful rosette runners gave the room a base of candy sparkle color. Centerpieces included our custom ‘cupcake’ florals, and towering silver branches adorned with ornaments filled with candy. Starlight Mints and Candyland game cards were strewn about the bases of all centerpieces.

Station tables (coffee, bar, buffet) were draped in black and also featured the multi-colored rosette runners. Cocktail tables under an adjoining outside tent were covered in black spandex, and featured mason jars creatively filled with ‘snow’, candy and Candyland playing pieces. Two sets of 5 ft tall “lollipops” placed on either side of the stage set-up complete the look.
Candyland cupcake CP  Candyland cupcake CP diner view  Candyland branches CP  Candyland branches close

Candyland buffet table  Candyland lollipops  Candyland mason jar

For the second party, a Friday afternoon luncheon, we set the room with black pintuck linens and black spandex chair covers. Customizing a look using our client’s corporate colors, we leveraged our green and orange rosette runners and napkins, alternating colors on the table for a fun and festive look.

Centerpieces consisted of our signature floating hoop, adorned with calla lilies, silver spheres and LED string lights.

To keep guests entertained, we brought in our gaming systems, including two Wii stations, a foosball machine, a giant Jenga game, and a roller ball set-up. We also leveraged our entertainment vendor network and provided a DJ and caricaturist which delighted the attendees.

These smaller local parties are fun to plan and produce, and we enjoy working with our clients to make these events memorable experiences for attendees.

Progress SW party view  Progress SW table  Progress SW hoop


Progress SW Wii  Progress SW Jenga  Progress SW foosball  Progress SW Rollerball




‘Welcome to Nashville’ Conference Dinner – Nashville, TN

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The inviting Loews Vanderbilt Hotel was the setting for a recent ‘Welcome to Nashville’ themed conference dinner for 130 attendees. Black spandex covered cocktail tables just outside the main ballroom were adorned with copper votive vases and rope, touching on the country western tones of our host city.

Nashville cocktail 2  Nashville cocktail 1

Inside the ballroom, tables are set in black linens, and black spandex covers the chairs, which also feature a client-blue sash. Blue napkins, gently tied with twine in square knots, add more pops of the client’s signature color to the room.

Nashville Room  Nashville table  Nashville hay podium
A burlap runner creates an appropriate base for centerpieces, which feature bandanas, hay bales, horse shoes, lassos, cowboy hats, oil lanterns, and mason jars with daisies.

Nashville hat tree Nashville black lantern Nashville hat rope Nashville hat horse shoe Nashville Lantern 1  

Our thanks to the friendly and helpful staff of The Loews Vanderbilt Hotel who helped make our event successful and our stay memorable.


Sales Incentive Celebration – Ayo Rock Formations, Aruba

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Your week in Aruba has been great, filled with sun, smiles and laughs. But it’s time to crank up the fun for you and your 370 colleagues, with a unique and amazing experience in your honor, at the Ayo Rock Formations. These towering stone boulders, in unusual designs, combined with the tranquil environment of cacti, aloe vera, divi trees, and other island flora, create a sense of awe, and an understanding of why the area was once considered a sacred site by the island’s original inhabitants.

You arrive as the sun sets and enter the park to the sounds of a saxophonist, perched on a huge boulder and spotlighted. You get a drink at one of two tiki bars, and gather around one of the many cocktail tables set up in this pre-event lounge space.

As you sip your drink, you take notice of the amazing topography, and then the saxophone ends and is replaced by an acoustic guitar player, standing atop another spotlighted boulder. Tiki torches welcome the darkness as you talk with fellow guests and take in the scenery.

Ayo entrance Ayo entrance lounge AYO guitar player

When the guitar ends it is replaced by a piano, highlighted atop yet another massive stone, and being played live. The setting sun gives way to colorful uplighting of the natural island flora. While this setting is amazing, you sense there’s more to come.

As the cocktail hour ends you are ushered down a cobbled path, descending through uplit stones and trees. Suddenly you happen upon a mysterious figure, dressed in white and backlit, she dances in tune with the landscape, a hoop twirling between shadow and light. Across and down the way you catch glimpse of a second shadow dancer, guiding you into the main party space.

AYO entrance bar AYO tiki entrance AYO path to party

AYO white spandex dancer AYO votive dancer AYO votive wall

The cobblestone path empties into a large area, and another piano player welcomes you with the soft twinkling of keys. You can’t help but notice the large, central tree, spectacularly adorned with string lights and crystals.

AYO piano player AYO twinkly tree AYO tables

Behind and to the right are dining tables, set with natural green tafeta linens, burlap runners, black napkins and chiavari chairs. You note the table centerpieces are simple and tailored to the natural environment. Grapewood and white wood flowers, complimented with mercury votives and vessels, fit perfectly amongst the natural stones and trees.

AYO tree and pilapa AYO grapewood flowers cp 2 AYO votive tables

You can get lost in the beauty of the trees here, and you notice how many of them have been dotted with hanging votives. In fact, there’s votives everywhere – in the trees, along the walls, adorning pilapas, even attached to the front of the three bars scattered throughout the space.

AYO votive tree AYO bar Ayo pilapa decor

As you continue to take everything in, you come across the white leather lounge. Comfortable couches, chairs, ottomans and pillows, are set within a cozy opening surrounded by trees and stones. The lounge proves to be a popular place to relax and talk.

AYO lounge full 2 AYO lounge pillows AYO lounge full

But first there’s dinner, prepared by the amazing culinary staff of the Ritz Carlton, Aruba. The presentation is something to behold, expertly set and lit, but what delight in finding the food tastes even better than it looks. Grilled shrimp kabobs, beef tenderloin, crab cakes, a mashed potato station, salads, ceviche, and so much more. We even designated one strategically positioned pilapa to serve as a dessert station.

AYO food station 2 AYO dessert pilapa AYO food station

And then it was time to dance. Our entertainment for the evening is world-renowned DJ Roonie G, and he gets the party started quickly. His unique mix of current and classic songs, along with amazing video editing, gets our crowd pumped. Elevate dancers (who earlier performed as the white spandex figures) keep the energy going, engaging the crowd through the night on dance platforms, with multiple costume changes, and even joining DJ Roonie G on stage as the party went skyward!

AYO Elevate Jessica AYO Elevate and Roonie G AYO party crowd

This was a night everyone who attended will never forget. There were so many highlights, with musicians on boulders, amazing tropical drinks, mysterious white spandex dancers, twinkling trees, hundreds of votives, delicious gourmet food, a lounge under the stars, an incredibly fun dance party, and a magical feeling of happiness and bliss.

We are grateful to have been a part of this remarkable event, and look forward to more amazing experiences on The Happy Island of Aruba!


Executive Dinners – Villa, Tierra Del Sol, Aruba

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Our week in Aruba features an exceptional experience for select Executives. A private Villa was rented and ‘Caribbean Chef of the Year’ Rashindra Donge of Bonaire was procured to create amazing meals over two nights for separate parties.

While a budget and decor plan had been established in advance of the trip, a walk through with the client the day before highlighted some concerns. The Villa was beautiful, surrounded by cacti and natural aloe vera plants, and offering a private pool and amazing view. However the interior was drab, dominated by beige and white, with no plants, and several questionable paintings. It was lifeless, and the client wanted a change.

We quickly discussed options for upgrading the interior of the Villa as the original plan was focused primarily on the outside. We could re-purpose the red, yellow and cool gray pillows we’d brought for an event later in the week. We also had grapewood from the Welcome Dinner the night before, and strategized on how we could stretch florals to create arrangements. But the client wanted something more impactful, and we reviewed how additional investment could help bring the place to life.

With that direction we quickly updated our production plan, reassigning tasks, and doubling efforts to assure we could take on the responsibility of procuring additional product and still having it all set up in time for the first dinner.

We procured several large plants and scattered them throughout the spacious downstairs. We also obtained contemporary artwork that accented the red, yellow and gray color palate we started to build for the interior. A modern yellow vase was purchased and held red and yellow branches and supplemental flora which picked up the color in the pillows and a stripe of color found in the rug. Additional florals and vases were used for unique colorful arrangements that claimed spaces in the now lively interior. We even purchased colored glass globes and placed LED light strings within them to create modern table lamps as there were no accessible power outlets for lamps.

villa entrance day  villa entrance evening   villa pool grid day 

villa living room  villa coffee table arrangement  villa dining room

villa interior entrance arrangement  villa kitchen view  villa interior decor

villa dining room art villa tv arrangements  villa mirror tables    

villa art and table arrangement  villa LED globe lamp   villa bathroom arrangement 

Of course we still had to focus on the exterior, where the bulk of the dinners would be taking place. We had two custom tables built to accommodate enough space for attendees to sit and enjoy as rental table sizes on the island were limited. We then had a custom mirror top cut and polished that covered the entire top of the table, using a purple taffeta linen between the table and the mirror top. These items were resourced before we ever landed in Aruba. We then placed our series of candelabras, votives, and orchids across the top to create a feeling of elegance and exclusivity. Clear Chiavari chairs completed the look.

Hundreds more battery powered votives lined the front entrance, back balcony and staircase, and the pool. We also built a custom bamboo grid across the pool that was dotted with tropical flora and yet more votives.

villa table light  villa candelabras mirror top  Villa tables dinner

villa ext back view dark  villa balcony votives  villa pool grid night

The meals prepared by chef Donge were unique and tailored to these dinners. Guests were treated to meeting the Chef and discussing her tasty creations.

The Executive Dinners provided a challenge to our team to react quickly to onsite changes requested by our client. We are glad we were able to not only meet, but exceed expectations.

‘Shipwreck’ Welcome Dinner – Aruba

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You’ve arrived, The Happy Island of Aruba, where The Ritz Carlton plays host to your Welcome Dinner. Yes, you have been ‘shipwrecked’ for the evening.

As you approach the beach along the cobbled walk, the sun is setting over colorful orange and aqua tables. Blue uplighting along the divi trees helps define the space, which is dotted with tattered flags. A shoe cubby encourages you to take off your sandals and enjoy the soft sand.

 shipwreck setting 1  shipwreck setting 2

A quick look to your left provides you with some influences of the island – a series of huts offering fresh coconut juice, gentle steel drums, and cigar rollers.

shipwreck cigar hut shipwreck steel drums shipwreck coconut hut

As you walk through the tables you notice the aqua and orange sashes across the chiavari chairs. Then you are struck by the creative centerpieces. A tiki mask peers out from a tower of halyconia. A bamboo raft floats atop a fishing net and is adorned with conch shells and marine flora. Grapewood and sea coral mix with fishnets, small message bottles, and tropical flora in another unique piece. And then there’s the natural husks creating a ‘boat’ vessel filled with more flora and marine decor. The napkins identify each setting, and are gently twine tied with an attached seashell.

 shipwreck tiki cp diner view  shipwreck setting 2  shipwreck bamboo raft cp 2  shipwreck boat cp  shipwreck driftwood bottle cp  shipwreck conch boat cp 

shipwreck bamboo raft cp  shipwreck napkin treatment 1  shipwreck tiki cp on orange

The buffet dinner is designed specifically for the event, and then a tropical party band takes over for the evening. This is one party you don’t want to end (and in fact, it is extended by an hour past the original stop time).

shipwreck setting stage

An amazing welcome to the week for these top sales people who work and play hard. More activities and events are planned for the remainder of the week. Welcome to Aruba!

Hawker Hall Jamboree – New Orleans, LA

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There is a house in New Orleans – in this case it’s the JW Marriott, where we recently developed a Preservation Hall
themed awards dinner, dubbed for the client, “Hawker Hall”.
Hawker_stage  HH_sign_close  Stage_decor         
The ballroom was set with 16 round tables, 13 of which were covered in silver pintuck linens, while the other 3 were in
poker green spandex for gaming. Black napkins and chair covers added a cool elegance to the room, which also
featured a stage in front adorned with antique chairs and distressed windows.
HH_sign_lamp  Lamp_sign_room  tambourine_piece
As guests entered stage left, immediately across the room they could see the custom-built illuminated marquee sign,
letting them know they had entered “Hawker Hall”. Guests sat at tables featuring illuminated, music-themed centerpieces,
including: tall glass lamps with black shades containing floating drumsticks; a cymbal and drumstick combo; and
an illuminated tambourine.  The gaming tables had gaming themed centerpieces that incorporated playing cards and
poker chips in music boxes or an upside down cymbal.
 cymbal_stick_piece  box_game_piece  cymbal_game_table_piece
Additional music-themed decor pieces were placed on buffet tables, including an antique record player, a washboard
cabinet with triangle, and a small wire guitar and drum/cymbal piece highlighted with peacock feathers.
record_player  Table_piece_window  between_table_piece

After guests ate, a jazz trio took the stage providing entertainment for the jamboree. At the back of the room, some guests

played cards, while others stepped just outside, where a bar and lounge had been set up.

As music lovers, it was a lot of fun to help execute this event in one of our favorite cities. We hope to get back to New Orleans again soon.

Tuscan Inspired Dinner Party, Cellardoor Vineyard, Lincolnville, ME

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We’ve been staying busy this summer, adding beautiful pew seating and other rustic decor to our inventory, including a country screen door chalkboard and a unique lemonade stand.  Additionally, we’ve produced successful events locally, as well as in Pennsylvania and Maine (and we’ll be headed to New Orleans in just a few weeks for another).

Our visit to Maine had us produce a Tuscan-inspired dinner party at the Cellardoor Winery and Vineyard in Lincolnville.  As an attendee, your bus departs from The Samoset Resort in Rockland Maine, and winds through the lovely landscapes of the northern New England coast, past the summer colony of Camden, and on toward beautiful Megunticook Lake. The scenic twenty minute ride leaves you at the Cellardoor Winery and Vineyard, the setting for this evening’s dinner party.

As you step off the bus, two large wine barrels signify entrance to the party,   and in the short distance you can view the tents and canopies set up for buffet tables and bars. You notice the string of market lights that adorn the pathway, which will illuminate your stroll back once the sun sets.

Approaching the party space, two more wine barrels greet you as a welcome to the seating and dining area. A look back provides a picturesque view of the Cellardoor Winery, nestled in the tree-lined hillside.

Moving into the festivities area, you see rectangular tables with white linens and burlap runners, kissed with plum and deep purple napkins held in place by small river stones. Chiavari chairs provide an old world feel, as you notice the growing vineyards just beyond the stage, where a ‘virtual band’ has been set up for the evening’s entertainment.

Strolling past the tables, you are struck by the various centerpieces – tall manzanita branches, adorned in blush and burgundy roses, and pink and red carnations, seemingly grow out from a ceramic chalise, reaching toward the sky. Moss baskets hold wine bottles from which midnight burgundy calla lilies protrude, alongside roses, carnations, and red and purple grapes. Other tables feature unique creations of grapewood and florals in a variety of vintage vessels, while still others feature sets of wine bottles amidst grapes and ivy, illuminated with small votive candles inside them.

This magnificent event earned accolades from attendees who described it as “spectacular”, “fabulous”, and “magical”. It was our great pleasure to help create this memorable experience.

 barrel_entrance barrel_viewbarrels_entrance barrel_path_CP  grapewood_cheesehoop_CP moss_basket_CP_setting moss_basket_CP rose_vase_CP_setting gold_charger_CP wine_bottles_CPwine_bottles_CP_table box_grapewood_CP circle_tray_CP wine_bottle_top_CP rose_vase_CP rose_vase_CP_vineyard

Welcome and Farewell Party Experiences – Costa Rica

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The beautiful JW Marriott in Guanacaste, Costa Rica was the setting of two recent events as part of our client’s employee recognition week. 

Costa Rica Welcome Event – The Colors of Costa Rica (15 photos)
CR Colors garden party 2   CR Colors centerpiece on orange   CR Colors table setting
Welcome to the beautiful Colors of Costa Rica, a buffet dinner for 90 in a spectacular ocean side lawn setting. String globes gently illuminate our party area, and colorful flutter flags serve as a backdrop for the small stage where local musicians play live music.

Our decor incorporates a vibrant tropical palette in the form of rosette patterned table runners set against elegant black table cloths. Custom made napkin treatments reinforce the tropical colors against a white swath. White chair covers then tie nicely with the white napkins against the black table.

Centerpieces and station pieces use tropical flora resourced fresh locally. The unique arrangements beautifully tie together the tropical florals with items from the region such as cigar boxes, tapestries, coffee beans/bags, small food cans, maracas, and local art.

IMG_3307  Hoop Centerpiece 3  Mag rack centerpiece
As the sun sets over the warm pacific on Friday evening, let’s embrace the beautiful week just experienced, and celebrate with a white sand beach party to remember.

With waves gently crashing on the shore, and luminaries lining your entrance, you walk toward the beach and see the large truss sail, elegantly lit in cool blues and whites. Moving spot lights project out over the party space, and invite attendees in to relax in the 50 person beach lounge, furnished with white leather sofas, chairs and tables.

White flutter flags and careful placement of food stations help define the space, which gently glows from softly under lit tables. A ‘virtual band’ plays at one end, while a ‘vision line’ to the south western sky is intentionally left open for the viewing of a surprise fireworks show later in the evening.

Napkin treatments of shiny metallic mesh are an elegant touch to the white theme. Creative centerpieces incorporate calla lilies, white orchids, and palm leaves, with crystals and unique shaped vessels. Our feature piece is a floating hoop, with natural calla lilies forming an arc segment, and silver balls suspended along another, while all floating in a pool of water.

This is the second consecutive year that Art of Motion Events has had the good fortune to create unique and memorable event experiences in Costa Rica. It is one of our favorite destinations, and we hope to do more work there in the future. Thanks for reading and viewing our photos.

Keeping them motivated – fun and affordable employee appreciation events!

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Recently, we were commissioned by a local company to come up with an idea for an employee appreciation event. They wanted to stay at their workplace, have interactive activities for their employees to participate in, and have food provided for the diverse group. Oh yeah, and they had 400 people that would be attending. No problem!Emplyee_Appreciation_1

The solution was a fun-filled extended lunchtime (roughly 2 ½ hours), that included games, music and food. We moved in our Wii gaming stations, putt-putt golf, corn hole, ping pong, foosball and a pinball machine, and mixed it all with some great, fun music to provide atmosphere. Then we got creative with the food – leveraging one of the top trends right now, we secured food trucks for the event.

After determining we’d need four different food trucks for the numbers attending, we negotiated a price with the food vendors that fit their range, while maintaining a great deal for the client. We provided options for a broad set of dietary considerations, including vegan requirements, and of course, dessert!

The employees loved the food trucks, which thEmployee_Appreciation_Food_Trucksey frequented between turns at ping-pong, foosball, and the other games. We also provided black leather ottomans for lounging, informal eating, and viewing gaming competitions that arose spontaneously.

The entire event was produced in front of their office building and was a huge success! Many employees were seen thanking their Managers for the time and effort devoted to employee recognition.

This is one formula for this type of event, but there are many options. For example, performance artists such as roaming magicians, caricaturists, or themes tied to a certain time of the year – we can even print and frame award certifications for your top performers. There are endless possibilities.

Employee appreciation events can be fun and affordable, and can be planned and executed in a relatively short time frame. Since we at Art of Motion Events handle all major aspects – including planning, negotiating rates with vendors, logistics, set-up, etc – you can stay focused on your core business.

Check out our game events video below to see some of the fun we’ve created for our clients.  And then contact us and let’s talk about what we can do for your organization.

Hello World

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Christie CookHere it is, Art of Motion Events‘ first official blog entry – we are thrilled to have this new site and the prospect of sharing lots of exciting moments with you!

As Owner and President, I want to thank you for taking time to explore our site, and encourage you to check back often on our adventures here. I’ll share what we’ve worked on, show some of our current projects, and provide some personal insight on destination décor [hint: ‘Destination’ doesn’t always mean someplace exotic like Hawaii or Costa Rica, it is anywhere an event takes place, from your backyard to anywhere around the world).

How I began my career in destination décor is interesting. As a young girl I would make endless lists of party themes and ideas, however it wasn’t until after I finished a career in Radio and TV broadcasting, and worked in the Hospitality industry for years, that I realized my true calling. After producing my first event for a client (who will always be special to me), I knew this is what I should be doing!

Running Art of Motion Events is anything but boring, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m fortunate to have a supportive network of family and friends who allow me to share my time so generously with my clients, understanding that I take each event and project to heart. They are the ones I call right after everyone files into an event and I report in on the “Oooh’s” and “Ahhh’s” I heard as they saw the space for the first time.

Til next time……