‘Shipwreck’ Welcome Dinner – Aruba

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You’ve arrived, The Happy Island of Aruba, where The Ritz Carlton plays host to your Welcome Dinner. Yes, you have been ‘shipwrecked’ for the evening.

As you approach the beach along the cobbled walk, the sun is setting over colorful orange and aqua tables. Blue uplighting along the divi trees helps define the space, which is dotted with tattered flags. A shoe cubby encourages you to take off your sandals and enjoy the soft sand.

 shipwreck setting 1  shipwreck setting 2

A quick look to your left provides you with some influences of the island – a series of huts offering fresh coconut juice, gentle steel drums, and cigar rollers.

shipwreck cigar hut shipwreck steel drums shipwreck coconut hut

As you walk through the tables you notice the aqua and orange sashes across the chiavari chairs. Then you are struck by the creative centerpieces. A tiki mask peers out from a tower of halyconia. A bamboo raft floats atop a fishing net and is adorned with conch shells and marine flora. Grapewood and sea coral mix with fishnets, small message bottles, and tropical flora in another unique piece. And then there’s the natural husks creating a ‘boat’ vessel filled with more flora and marine decor. The napkins identify each setting, and are gently twine tied with an attached seashell.

 shipwreck tiki cp diner view  shipwreck setting 2  shipwreck bamboo raft cp 2  shipwreck boat cp  shipwreck driftwood bottle cp  shipwreck conch boat cp 

shipwreck bamboo raft cp  shipwreck napkin treatment 1  shipwreck tiki cp on orange

The buffet dinner is designed specifically for the event, and then a tropical party band takes over for the evening. This is one party you don’t want to end (and in fact, it is extended by an hour past the original stop time).

shipwreck setting stage

An amazing welcome to the week for these top sales people who work and play hard. More activities and events are planned for the remainder of the week. Welcome to Aruba!