Sales Recognition and Education Sessions – Orlando, FL

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The magnificent Hyatt Regency in Orlando, FL is our setting for a week of exciting Sales Recognition and Education events.

Super Bowl Party

The Patriots and Seahawks put on a game for the ages, and our party in the expansive Windermere ballroom was the perfect spot for taking it all in. A ‘gaming’ theme was created to provide fun and entertainment for the 1,700+ guests in attendance.

The centerpiece of the room was our custom built 24 foot square bar, where guests could get cocktails and stand around referee-striped highboy cocktail tables. Attendees could watch the game up close on either of the opposite facing flat screen TVs perched above the center of the bar, or could find any of the many seating options available to them and watch the game on the big screens placed at opposite ends of the room.

bar 24 feet  referee striped tables  super bowl party room
Seating options included a variety of soft seating, including a number of leather recliners, rattan love seats and chairs, and other lounge sets. Tall bar stools surrounded highboy cocktail tables, and camping bag chairs provided a tail-gate like atmosphere at opposite ends of the ballroom.

lounge furniture  recliner  super bowl sofa

Dinner rounds, with standard banquet chairs for eating, were mixed with small cocktail tables, for when more intimate discussions were desired. Tables were draped in navy blue taffeta linens, representing the base colors of each of the competing football teams, and black chair covers allowed chair sashes of green and red team accent colors to pop, which were coordinated with matching pintuck runners.

Centerpieces included unique displays of classic board games like Monopoly, Battleship, Yahtzee, and others. On some tables, gerber daisies poked out from popcorn boxes, placed on astroturf squares. Other tables featured a black square filled with game field sod, and a Super Bowl XLIX pennant.

football CP  monopoly  chess CP
yahtzee  toss across  gerber popcorn
Guests who weren’t into the big game could walk out into the entry hallway and participate in a number of games themselves, which included a huge inflatable football toss, a foosball table, an air hockey table, a ping pong table, a pool table, a giant Jenga game and an oversized Connect 4 game. A DJ in the outside area kept guests moving as they played the night away.

football toss  super bowl rattan  super bowl party space

Super Bowl XLIX was an amazing game, and our event décor and entertainment options treated guests to an equally amazing start to their week.   

Awards Night Dinner

The following night was our client’s awards night dinner, and we had some fantastic décor and entertainment in store for their top performing sales people. We took the party space, which were the wide hallways surrounding the Regency Ballroom, and divided them into three colored sections of amethyst lavender, sapphire blue and ruby red, reinforced by florals, linens, and performers.

As guests exited the awards presentation in the Regency Ballroom, they entered the amethyst area, and were greeted by a Poi spinner. This unique entertainer, wearing a color coordinated shirt, waved LED wands displaying specific branded logos and relevant phrases tied to the week’s events. Spinning and twirling, the performer provided the first “wow” as guests entered the party area, which featured beautiful table centerpieces of lavender roses, orchids and other florals.

purple CP  purple CP 2  awards night enter  Poi spinner

A live DJ was next, and music drew the guests further into the party space, where they encountered the sapphire blue area. Tables dressed in blue pintuck and pinchwheel linens were topped with unique centerpieces featuring white calla lilies, roses and other florals. An amazing aerialist, suspended 12 feet above the ground, invited guests to have a glass of wine, which she poured for them while hanging upside down. This incredible attraction fascinated guests, and was the centerpiece of the party.

sapphire banquet pieces  sapphire CPS 2  sapphire CPs  Aerialst

Moving along, guests were invited to enter the ruby red area by our living red carpet lady. Standing 8 feet tall and dressed entirely in red, her dress flowed into a welcoming red carpet, making these top performers feel like true VIPs. Centerpieces in this area featured large groupings of red roses in unique vessels. And as a final treat, guests who made their way to the end of this area could sit and listen to an acoustic guitar player who knew over 1,000 songs and played many requests.

red carpet lady  red carpet

Filled with unique sights and sounds, this was an event that had guests taking lots of pictures, and which left them with some amazing memories.

Study Halls

On Tuesday, our attendees were in education sessions held in multiple work rooms near the ballroom spaces. As an added benefit, our client had us set up some relaxing spaces where guests could sit and study, review and quietly discuss the materials on which they were being educated. Held in the same hallways as the Awards night dinner, we again divided the space into three themed sections – Asian Zen, Desert Oasis, and Shangri La.

For Asian Zen, we created two unique centerpiece designs, one featuring a Japanese lantern with bamboo and calla lilies protruding from the top, and the other using a “swimming lane” vase which held black river rock and floating orchids.

asian swimming lane 2  asian swimming lane  asian jap lantern

The Desert Oasis space also held two serene centerpiece creations, one being a unique rock garden in a small bubble bowl, and the other a beautiful arrangement of florals surrounding dried grapewood.

desert rock garden  desert grapewood 2  desert grapewood

Last but not least, our Shangri La area had centerpieces that featured burgundy and yellow florals, that in some cases protruded from small brass bowls, or out of Japanese lanterns wrapped at the base with pashminas, or mixed with colored lanterns.

shangri la brass waterfall  shangri la pashmina lantern  shangri la colored lanterns
These spaces provided the perfect setting for small groups to sit and discuss their educational materials, and prepare for the challenges that lay ahead of them.

All three of these events were extremely well received by attendees and our client, as well as the phenomenal staff of the Hyatt Regency. Luckily for us we get to return to this amazing venue next week for another series of events. We cannot wait!