Sales Incentive Celebration – Ayo Rock Formations, Aruba

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Your week in Aruba has been great, filled with sun, smiles and laughs. But it’s time to crank up the fun for you and your 370 colleagues, with a unique and amazing experience in your honor, at the Ayo Rock Formations. These towering stone boulders, in unusual designs, combined with the tranquil environment of cacti, aloe vera, divi trees, and other island flora, create a sense of awe, and an understanding of why the area was once considered a sacred site by the island’s original inhabitants.

You arrive as the sun sets and enter the park to the sounds of a saxophonist, perched on a huge boulder and spotlighted. You get a drink at one of two tiki bars, and gather around one of the many cocktail tables set up in this pre-event lounge space.

As you sip your drink, you take notice of the amazing topography, and then the saxophone ends and is replaced by an acoustic guitar player, standing atop another spotlighted boulder. Tiki torches welcome the darkness as you talk with fellow guests and take in the scenery.

Ayo entrance Ayo entrance lounge AYO guitar player

When the guitar ends it is replaced by a piano, highlighted atop yet another massive stone, and being played live. The setting sun gives way to colorful uplighting of the natural island flora. While this setting is amazing, you sense there’s more to come.

As the cocktail hour ends you are ushered down a cobbled path, descending through uplit stones and trees. Suddenly you happen upon a mysterious figure, dressed in white and backlit, she dances in tune with the landscape, a hoop twirling between shadow and light. Across and down the way you catch glimpse of a second shadow dancer, guiding you into the main party space.

AYO entrance bar AYO tiki entrance AYO path to party

AYO white spandex dancer AYO votive dancer AYO votive wall

The cobblestone path empties into a large area, and another piano player welcomes you with the soft twinkling of keys. You can’t help but notice the large, central tree, spectacularly adorned with string lights and crystals.

AYO piano player AYO twinkly tree AYO tables

Behind and to the right are dining tables, set with natural green tafeta linens, burlap runners, black napkins and chiavari chairs. You note the table centerpieces are simple and tailored to the natural environment. Grapewood and white wood flowers, complimented with mercury votives and vessels, fit perfectly amongst the natural stones and trees.

AYO tree and pilapa AYO grapewood flowers cp 2 AYO votive tables

You can get lost in the beauty of the trees here, and you notice how many of them have been dotted with hanging votives. In fact, there’s votives everywhere – in the trees, along the walls, adorning pilapas, even attached to the front of the three bars scattered throughout the space.

AYO votive tree AYO bar Ayo pilapa decor

As you continue to take everything in, you come across the white leather lounge. Comfortable couches, chairs, ottomans and pillows, are set within a cozy opening surrounded by trees and stones. The lounge proves to be a popular place to relax and talk.

AYO lounge full 2 AYO lounge pillows AYO lounge full

But first there’s dinner, prepared by the amazing culinary staff of the Ritz Carlton, Aruba. The presentation is something to behold, expertly set and lit, but what delight in finding the food tastes even better than it looks. Grilled shrimp kabobs, beef tenderloin, crab cakes, a mashed potato station, salads, ceviche, and so much more. We even designated one strategically positioned pilapa to serve as a dessert station.

AYO food station 2 AYO dessert pilapa AYO food station

And then it was time to dance. Our entertainment for the evening is world-renowned DJ Roonie G, and he gets the party started quickly. His unique mix of current and classic songs, along with amazing video editing, gets our crowd pumped. Elevate dancers (who earlier performed as the white spandex figures) keep the energy going, engaging the crowd through the night on dance platforms, with multiple costume changes, and even joining DJ Roonie G on stage as the party went skyward!

AYO Elevate Jessica AYO Elevate and Roonie G AYO party crowd

This was a night everyone who attended will never forget. There were so many highlights, with musicians on boulders, amazing tropical drinks, mysterious white spandex dancers, twinkling trees, hundreds of votives, delicious gourmet food, a lounge under the stars, an incredibly fun dance party, and a magical feeling of happiness and bliss.

We are grateful to have been a part of this remarkable event, and look forward to more amazing experiences on The Happy Island of Aruba!