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What an honor it was to showcase our decor for Meetings and Incentives Worldwide Campus Week’s Reception at The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, WI. Their event, themed “Embrace Transformation”, was a gathering of over 400 meeting planners, hotel managers, event designers, and Fortune 100 clients, from all over the world, to talk about how strategically designed events could help transform people and organizations.

Aligning with the “Embrace Transformation” theme, we turned the Grand Ballroom into a set of museum vignettes that showed the transformation of iconic cultural items, including cameras, toys, computers, and music media. To cover the breadth of our floral design capabilities we staged each vignette in different “virtual” locations, and invited guests to tour the museums in different parts of the world.

Mil_reception_sign  Mil_boarding_pass

The entrance to the ballroom was flanked on either side by tables of vintage luggage and billowing florals. Attendees were greeted by our two vintage dressed stewardesses, who gave each guest a custom designed Boarding Pass with details of what they were about to experience. We used the four corners of the ballroom to create our museum vignettes, each backed by black and gold pipe and drape, and containing decorative columns to display items.

Mil_stewardesses  Mil_music_vignette  Mil_camera_vignette  Mil_computer_vignette

Virtually located in England, we showed the transformation of Music Media via displays of a vintage record player with an authentic Edison record, a transistor radio, a walkman, and an iPod. At the center of this vignette we included a 1920’s Jacob Brothers piano with florals spilling out of the top and center. Creative cocktail table arrangements included top hats, white gloves, monacles and teacups, along with old 45 records, 8 track cartridges, cassette tapes, and CDs.

Mil_ipod_walkman  Mil_record_player  Mil_floral_piano

Mil_radio  Mil_teacup  Mil_radio2

Our Camera vignette, located in The Caribbean, included an old Brownie camera, a Single Lens Reflex Camera, a Polaroid camera, and a Digital camera. Tropical floral arrangements included the use of film strips and sat atop aqua covered tables with a coral runner. A large bamboo and ginger piece was developed as a central focus. We also provided a “Selfie Station” where guests could take pictures of themselves against a custom made step and repeat background, which they could immediately email to themselves or post to social media.

Mil_cameras  Mil_slr_camera  Mil_camera_CP

Mil_tiki Mil_camera_bamboo Mil_stepnrepeat Mil_selfie

For Computers, we took our guests to China, and included an old desktop PC, a laptop, and a tablet computer. An old desktop monitor was gutted, and then recreated as a centerpiece with exotic streaming florals. Cocktail arrangements included the use of keyboard keys and a computer mouse, and were placed on our cool metal table tops.

Mil_desktop  Mil_laptop_tablet

Mil_computer_CP Mil_computer_CP2 Mil_monitor 
Our last vignette, located in the US, featured Toys, including a vintage Barbie doll, an Etch-a-Sketch, and a Hand Held Gaming System. As interactive elements, we also provided a Wii system and oversized Connect 4 and Jenga games which the guests played with throughout the reception. Arrangements here included our unique hoop design with attached Legos, and a scrabble board with vases that supported tiles spelling out “Transform”.

Mil_barbie_etch  Mil_gameboy  Mil_wii  Mil_connect4

Mil_scrabble Mil_hoop_legos 

In the center of the room we stanchioned off a a treatment of columns supporting vases that contained silver painted willow branches. Modern twisted metal vessels and vintage luggage were used to create unique buffet table pieces.

Mil_willow  Mil_twistvase 

Mil_foodstation  Mil_foodstation2

As a bonus, Christie addressed the attendees, speaking on decor trends, and the value we bring to our clients and their events. Her well received talk was a highlight of the reception.

We thank Meetings and Incentives Worldwide for this amazing opportunity, and look forward to working with many of the creative event professionals we met during the reception.