Hawker Hall Jamboree – New Orleans, LA

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There is a house in New Orleans – in this case it’s the JW Marriott, where we recently developed a Preservation Hall
themed awards dinner, dubbed for the client, “Hawker Hall”.
Hawker_stage  HH_sign_close  Stage_decor         
The ballroom was set with 16 round tables, 13 of which were covered in silver pintuck linens, while the other 3 were in
poker green spandex for gaming. Black napkins and chair covers added a cool elegance to the room, which also
featured a stage in front adorned with antique chairs and distressed windows.
HH_sign_lamp  Lamp_sign_room  tambourine_piece
As guests entered stage left, immediately across the room they could see the custom-built illuminated marquee sign,
letting them know they had entered “Hawker Hall”. Guests sat at tables featuring illuminated, music-themed centerpieces,
including: tall glass lamps with black shades containing floating drumsticks; a cymbal and drumstick combo; and
an illuminated tambourine.  The gaming tables had gaming themed centerpieces that incorporated playing cards and
poker chips in music boxes or an upside down cymbal.
 cymbal_stick_piece  box_game_piece  cymbal_game_table_piece
Additional music-themed decor pieces were placed on buffet tables, including an antique record player, a washboard
cabinet with triangle, and a small wire guitar and drum/cymbal piece highlighted with peacock feathers.
record_player  Table_piece_window  between_table_piece

After guests ate, a jazz trio took the stage providing entertainment for the jamboree. At the back of the room, some guests

played cards, while others stepped just outside, where a bar and lounge had been set up.

As music lovers, it was a lot of fun to help execute this event in one of our favorite cities. We hope to get back to New Orleans again soon.