Global Sales Kickoff – Montgomery, TX

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Houston, we have a pr…etty spectacular set of events for you!

OK, technically it’s Montgomery, TX, at the fabulous La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa, but the events there for our client’s Global Sales Kickoff were out of this world. Themed “I AM”, our series of events were held in various ballrooms throughout the conference center, and included a tremendous number of details, all tied together to create an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Upon registering at the conference center, the first thing guests encountered were oversized three-dimensional letters tied to the week’s theme. These created terrific photo opportunities throughout the week, and a second set of letters were used on the stage to reinforce the theme throughout the week.

I am letters 3  I am letters 4  I am letters 1

 The Welcome Dinner

350 guests were in attendance for Monday night’s Welcome Dinner, and all were ready to “paint the town”, with an array of paint themed décor and entertainment prepared for the evening. White house linens, splashed with colorful rosette runners, served as the canvas for creative centerpieces that included: customized paint cans with paint-dipped carnations and large paint brushes; trays laden with paint chips, fine art brushes, small paint tubes, and LED lights; and hand painted canvases set upon small acrylic easels. Black chair covers provided a touch of elegance to the room.

For entertainment, six local caricaturists were stationed throughout the room, and attendees were encouraged to get their very own caricature made. Our artists engaged guests and a gallery of fun portraits were created.

And then the headliner took the stage – world-renowned speed painter Dan Dunn performed live, creating three amazing portraits, the first of the iconic ‘Marlboro Man’, then a spectacular rendition of John Lennon, and for his finale, a one-of-a-kind, customized painting specific to our client. Attendees responded with a standing ovation, and delighted in meeting Dan as he stayed around to talk with guests throughout the evening.

This was an amazing start to the week, but things were only going to get better.

paint box CP 2  I am paint can CP  I am canvas CP


caricature 3  caricature 1  caricature 2


speed painter 1  speed painter 2  speed painter 3

General Session

The General Session, held in the same room as the Welcome Dinner the following morning, required an overnight flip of the room, replacing dinner round tables with standard 6 foot classroom style tables. In a room this large, we decided it would be more visually appealing to create alternating sections of black and white tables and chairs. The center section had tables of black spandex with white chair covers, while each of the two outside sections had tables of white spandex with black chair covers. The look was striking, and gave what could have been a monotonous scheme some variety and life.

Magnetic acrylic frames held customized placards with words such as ‘Ambitious”, “Confidence”, “Professional”, etc, and were scattered throughout the room to provide spots of colorful inspiration.

gen session room gen session placard

Geo Dinner Parties

Tuesday evening featured three separate parties, one for each of the geographies represented (Americas, EMIA, and APAC). A considerable challenge for these parties was that we couldn’t begin setting the rooms until 1pm, making planning and flawless execution critical to their success. But these are areas at which we excel, and all three parties went off without a hitch (we even accommodated a last minute request for the EMIA party to “drop the ceiling” of the room – more on that in a bit).

Each party had it’s own theme and set of giveaways and entertainment, leaving guests to light-heartedly debate throughout the night whose event was best.

The Americas party was a Great Gatsby theme, and “roaring twenties girls” greeted guests at an entrance that was pipe and draped in silver satin, with a welcoming red carpet. The room was set with silver pintuck linens, silver and black patterned runners, black chair covers and a silver chair sash. Two different centerpieces were created, the first utilizing tall white vases with LED lights and ostrich feathers protruding from the top, and the second featuring a tall black vase with silver painted willow, adorned with orchids and crystals. Black napkins with pearl treatments completed the table decor.

For giveaways, attendees were provided with fedoras and long pearl necklaces, and entertainment consisted of a live four-piece band and a DJ. Additionally, two poker tables with professional dealers kept guests competitively engaged. 

gatsby room  feather CP  gatsby giveaways


gatsby girls entrance  gatsby entrance  gatsby dance fun


gatsby poker players  gatsby poker player  gatsby guests


The EMIA party was a VIP Members Only theme, where guests entered on a red carpet through black and white drape. A “security bouncer” and “gold girls” invited attendees into the room, which featured black pintuck linens and unique white napkins with black bow tie treatments. Black chair covers with gold silky bows gave the room a touch of elegance.

The ceiling in this ballroom was 25 feet tall, and the client expressed concern that the room was too tall. Fortunately, we had some beautiful crystal ceiling drapes on hand, and negotiated with the hotel to have them hung while we worked on setting the room. This was a last minute addition to accommodate a client request, and it reduced the height of the room, providing a visually striking element that fit perfectly with the theme.

Centerpieces consisted of red roses in beds of silver and gold frames, with candlesticks and chandeliers holding soft illuminated votives.

Top hats, sunglasses and feather boas were giveaways, and a photo booth with fun props was set up in the room for guests to take and receive an immediate set of pictures of themselves. A live band and DJ made sure attendees kept the dance floor packed at this ‘exclusive’ party.

vip room  vip table  vip CP

gold girls vip entrance  vip guests  vip photo booth  vip dance fun

The APAC party was a Theatre of Champions Sports and Gaming theme, and included a football goal post entrance, where cheerleaders and a referee invited guests into the room on an astroturf carpet. Sports themed centerpieces sat atop astroturf runners, and featured unique displays of footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, and more. Additionally, a set of real bleachers was set up along the far wall providing a true sporting event feel.

White chair covers with black chair sashes complimented the black house linens and white napkins. Giveaways included foam hands, golf gloves, baseball caps, and sweatbands. For entertainment, guests danced to a live band and DJ, and also played the myriad of games strewn about the room, including a golf driving simulator, a foosball table, a giant Jenga game, an oversized Connect 4 game, and two Wii gaming stations. Guests at this party wore various sporting attire by teams, adding to the fun.

cheerleader sports entrance  ref sports entrance  sports entrance fun

sports room  basketball CP  tennis ball CP  sports giveaways


golf simulator  foosball  connect 4


sports team entrance  sports dance fun

Final Night Dinner

For the final night’s dinner, we worked with the client to develop an eye-catching room decked out in their corporate colors of royal blue and white. White house linens were topped with alternating blue silk and rosette runners, and white chair covers were splashed with a blue chair sash. Blue napkins were pocket folded to hold the evening’s agenda card.

The entertainment for the evening was the attendees themselves, as individuals and groups were invited to perform song and dance routines. Given this, we created a unique set of music themed centerpieces that included: silver painted record albums over drumsticks set on a shallow black box and adorned with orchids; a black microphone rising from a bed of roses on a gold charger plate; and vases filled with blue water bubbles and drumsticks.

Talent table  Talent record CP  talent vase CP  talent napkin and roses CP

All of the week’s events were incredibly well received by our client and attendees, resulting in an amazing experience with lasting memories. We’d like to thank the friendly and helpful staff of La Torretta, and Wilson Parish photography for providing professional images of our work.