Executive Dinners – Villa, Tierra Del Sol, Aruba

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Our week in Aruba features an exceptional experience for select Executives. A private Villa was rented and ‘Caribbean Chef of the Year’ Rashindra Donge of Bonaire was procured to create amazing meals over two nights for separate parties.

While a budget and decor plan had been established in advance of the trip, a walk through with the client the day before highlighted some concerns. The Villa was beautiful, surrounded by cacti and natural aloe vera plants, and offering a private pool and amazing view. However the interior was drab, dominated by beige and white, with no plants, and several questionable paintings. It was lifeless, and the client wanted a change.

We quickly discussed options for upgrading the interior of the Villa as the original plan was focused primarily on the outside. We could re-purpose the red, yellow and cool gray pillows we’d brought for an event later in the week. We also had grapewood from the Welcome Dinner the night before, and strategized on how we could stretch florals to create arrangements. But the client wanted something more impactful, and we reviewed how additional investment could help bring the place to life.

With that direction we quickly updated our production plan, reassigning tasks, and doubling efforts to assure we could take on the responsibility of procuring additional product and still having it all set up in time for the first dinner.

We procured several large plants and scattered them throughout the spacious downstairs. We also obtained contemporary artwork that accented the red, yellow and gray color palate we started to build for the interior. A modern yellow vase was purchased and held red and yellow branches and supplemental flora which picked up the color in the pillows and a stripe of color found in the rug. Additional florals and vases were used for unique colorful arrangements that claimed spaces in the now lively interior. We even purchased colored glass globes and placed LED light strings within them to create modern table lamps as there were no accessible power outlets for lamps.

villa entrance day  villa entrance evening   villa pool grid day 

villa living room  villa coffee table arrangement  villa dining room

villa interior entrance arrangement  villa kitchen view  villa interior decor

villa dining room art villa tv arrangements  villa mirror tables    

villa art and table arrangement  villa LED globe lamp   villa bathroom arrangement 

Of course we still had to focus on the exterior, where the bulk of the dinners would be taking place. We had two custom tables built to accommodate enough space for attendees to sit and enjoy as rental table sizes on the island were limited. We then had a custom mirror top cut and polished that covered the entire top of the table, using a purple taffeta linen between the table and the mirror top. These items were resourced before we ever landed in Aruba. We then placed our series of candelabras, votives, and orchids across the top to create a feeling of elegance and exclusivity. Clear Chiavari chairs completed the look.

Hundreds more battery powered votives lined the front entrance, back balcony and staircase, and the pool. We also built a custom bamboo grid across the pool that was dotted with tropical flora and yet more votives.

villa table light  villa candelabras mirror top  Villa tables dinner

villa ext back view dark  villa balcony votives  villa pool grid night

The meals prepared by chef Donge were unique and tailored to these dinners. Guests were treated to meeting the Chef and discussing her tasty creations.

The Executive Dinners provided a challenge to our team to react quickly to onsite changes requested by our client. We are glad we were able to not only meet, but exceed expectations.