Keeping them motivated – fun and affordable employee appreciation events!

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Recently, we were commissioned by a local company to come up with an idea for an employee appreciation event. They wanted to stay at their workplace, have interactive activities for their employees to participate in, and have food provided for the diverse group. Oh yeah, and they had 400 people that would be attending. No problem!Emplyee_Appreciation_1

The solution was a fun-filled extended lunchtime (roughly 2 ½ hours), that included games, music and food. We moved in our Wii gaming stations, putt-putt golf, corn hole, ping pong, foosball and a pinball machine, and mixed it all with some great, fun music to provide atmosphere. Then we got creative with the food – leveraging one of the top trends right now, we secured food trucks for the event.

After determining we’d need four different food trucks for the numbers attending, we negotiated a price with the food vendors that fit their range, while maintaining a great deal for the client. We provided options for a broad set of dietary considerations, including vegan requirements, and of course, dessert!

The employees loved the food trucks, which thEmployee_Appreciation_Food_Trucksey frequented between turns at ping-pong, foosball, and the other games. We also provided black leather ottomans for lounging, informal eating, and viewing gaming competitions that arose spontaneously.

The entire event was produced in front of their office building and was a huge success! Many employees were seen thanking their Managers for the time and effort devoted to employee recognition.

This is one formula for this type of event, but there are many options. For example, performance artists such as roaming magicians, caricaturists, or themes tied to a certain time of the year – we can even print and frame award certifications for your top performers. There are endless possibilities.

Employee appreciation events can be fun and affordable, and can be planned and executed in a relatively short time frame. Since we at Art of Motion Events handle all major aspects – including planning, negotiating rates with vendors, logistics, set-up, etc – you can stay focused on your core business.

Check out our game events video below to see some of the fun we’ve created for our clients.  And then contact us and let’s talk about what we can do for your organization.