Duke Alumni Party – Cameron Indoor Stadium

April 18, 2015 by  
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What a thrill it was to help create an “after party night club” for Duke Alumni in the hallowed halls of Cameron Indoor Stadium

Collaborating with a team of vendors under the masterful direction of Creative Visions, we helped create modern cocktail table areas, with black spandex and aluminum table caps on 8 sets of three high ball tables.  Centered in each table grouping was a large diamond mesh column, supporting a custom-designed, streamlined floral sculpture

On dining rounds we provided blue and purple petal linens, and unique centerpiece treatments of purple illuminated bubble bowls and hoops, adding a high-tech focal for each table. 

Playing a part in the transformation of this unique space will long remain a special memory and inspiration for us.  Thank you Creative Visions, and all of our collaborating teams, for having us contribute to a truly special event.

duke_afterparty duke_cam_cocktail_area3 duke_cam_CP1

Duke_cam_CP2 Duke_cam_hoop1 duke_cam_cocktail_area

Duke_cam_bubble_bowl duke_cam_cocktail_tables duke_cam_cktl_CPs

Duke_cam_cktl_cp1 duke_cam_cocktail_area2 duke_cam_cocktail_area4

duke_cam_hoop2 duke_cam_party_start duke_cam_party1