Welcome and Farewell Party Experiences – Costa Rica

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The beautiful JW Marriott in Guanacaste, Costa Rica was the setting of two recent events as part of our client’s employee recognition week. 

Costa Rica Welcome Event – The Colors of Costa Rica (15 photos)
CR Colors garden party 2   CR Colors centerpiece on orange   CR Colors table setting
Welcome to the beautiful Colors of Costa Rica, a buffet dinner for 90 in a spectacular ocean side lawn setting. String globes gently illuminate our party area, and colorful flutter flags serve as a backdrop for the small stage where local musicians play live music.

Our decor incorporates a vibrant tropical palette in the form of rosette patterned table runners set against elegant black table cloths. Custom made napkin treatments reinforce the tropical colors against a white swath. White chair covers then tie nicely with the white napkins against the black table.

Centerpieces and station pieces use tropical flora resourced fresh locally. The unique arrangements beautifully tie together the tropical florals with items from the region such as cigar boxes, tapestries, coffee beans/bags, small food cans, maracas, and local art.

IMG_3307  Hoop Centerpiece 3  Mag rack centerpiece
As the sun sets over the warm pacific on Friday evening, let’s embrace the beautiful week just experienced, and celebrate with a white sand beach party to remember.

With waves gently crashing on the shore, and luminaries lining your entrance, you walk toward the beach and see the large truss sail, elegantly lit in cool blues and whites. Moving spot lights project out over the party space, and invite attendees in to relax in the 50 person beach lounge, furnished with white leather sofas, chairs and tables.

White flutter flags and careful placement of food stations help define the space, which gently glows from softly under lit tables. A ‘virtual band’ plays at one end, while a ‘vision line’ to the south western sky is intentionally left open for the viewing of a surprise fireworks show later in the evening.

Napkin treatments of shiny metallic mesh are an elegant touch to the white theme. Creative centerpieces incorporate calla lilies, white orchids, and palm leaves, with crystals and unique shaped vessels. Our feature piece is a floating hoop, with natural calla lilies forming an arc segment, and silver balls suspended along another, while all floating in a pool of water.

This is the second consecutive year that Art of Motion Events has had the good fortune to create unique and memorable event experiences in Costa Rica. It is one of our favorite destinations, and we hope to do more work there in the future. Thanks for reading and viewing our photos.